Andy Woodward – A Wonderkid In Every Sense Of The Word

Child prodigies excelling in their chosen fields are a common sight. But a 12-year-old IM-elect who also loves the piano… competes in math competitions… plays all sorts of ball sports… and still bonds with friends and stays active in the church? Now that’s a true wonderkid! Andy Woodward does it all, and we can only […]

Trisha Kanyamarala – Ireland’s First Woman International Master

You are the company you keep.  Which is why, for people who knew her family, Ireland-based Trisha Kanyamarala’s ascent as a chess pro hardly came as a surprise. Her parents — Dayanand Kanyamarala and Nandita Kanyamarala — are juniors’ officers at the Irish chess union in charge of overseeing the progress of U19 players. However, […]

Paula Hernandez – Crushing Records On Her Way To The Top

Like most chess-playing children, 5-year-old Paula Hernandez got into the game because of the fascinating knight.  But her initial interest was short-lived, and she left the 64 squares to do what kids of her age usually do. It wasn’t until Paula was 10 when she returned to chess. She played in a tournament after only […]

Andrei Negrean – The Young Speedster And World Champion From Romania

Nothing beats the joy of winning a tournament, even for Andrei Negrean. He’s a youngster from Romania who has taken home 73 medals from local and international chess competitions — 9 bronze, 14 silver, 50 gold… And he’s only 10 years old! Andrei is a student in the Chessable X FIDE Academy, and it didn’t […]