Master the French Defense

Master the French

A complete course on the French for Black. It covers 3…d5, 3…Nf6 AND 3…dxe4 against the Tarrasch. And the Winawer, Classical, Rubenstein and McCutcheon against 3.Nc3. So, however you like to play the French, this course is a must-have.

Butcher The Sicilian

IM Miodrag Perunovic is here with an aggressive anti-Sicilian repertoire based on 2.Nc3

The Anti-Sicilian Toolkit

IM Alex Banzea gives you a creative approach to facing the Sicilian based on playing 2.Nf3, but avoiding the open Sicilian.

Fight Like Magnus: The Sicilian

IM Christof Sielecki has created this repertoire based on how World Champion Magnus Carlsen plays the Sicilian. The cornerstone of this repertoire is the Sveshnikov.