Sinquefield cup sale 🎉

The Sinquefield Cup has begun! One of the top events of the year features 3 popular Chessable authors. You can learn to play the Slav like Sam Shankland, pick up a full 1. e4 repertoire by Wesley So, or learn the Grunfeld from Mr Grunfeld himself, Peter Svidler. Simon Williams & Andras Toth will be covering all the action with some special guests, including the one and only Alexander Grischuk!

Bet of the day 💸

Thursday 19 August

Player courses

Commentator courses

Bet of the day 💸

Each day of the Cup we will tweet @chessable a prediction which will unlock a special super discount on Chessable if it becomes truth!

August 19th prediction

If Wesley So wins today his 1. e4 course will be discounted with an additional 15%!

Extra 15% off