Ayelén Martinez

Woman International Master, four-times Olympic player, FIDE Trainer. Eight years of experience training people from different ages, levels and genders.

Luke Everett

Luke Everett is a scholastic chess coach with Magnus Chess Academy, where he teaches students of all levels in the online academy. After a career in consulting and information technology, Luke decided to focus on teaching chess after seeing how much his daughter enjoyed her after-school chess club. Luke lives with his family near Washington DC.

Luke learned to play the game at an early age but did not discover competitive chess until later in life. He plays in as many tournaments as possible but admits that “real life” often gets in the way. As a chess teacher, Luke believes that players of all ages can have fun playing and learning about the royal game.

Christoph Kuberczyk

Christoph studied Business Informatics before he joined Chessable as a content editor and has been a chess coach since his teenage years. Christoph is a FIDE Master since 2019 and a future Chessable author. In the meantime, Christoph looks forward to welcoming you to the ChessGym!