MrDodgy Invitational 3

November 25th - December 1st

Watch live at 17:00 CEST

The players

32 Players that MrDodgy likes. To be announced

Pool A

Alexander Grischuk

Daniil Dubov

Vincent Keymer

Jorden van Foreest


Alan Pichot

Gawain Jones

Luis Paulo Supi

Baskaran Adhiban

Iván Salgado López

Baadur Jobava

Rauf Mamedov

Hugo ten Hertog

Simon Williams

Kamil Plichta

Eric Rosen

Pool B

Andrey Esipenko

Sam Sevian

peter Svidler

Pavel Eljanov

Jorge Cori

Eduardo Iturrizaga

David Paravyan

Boris Grachev

Mahammad Muradli

Andrew Tang

Lawrence Trent

Laurent Fressinet

Salem Saleh

Shreyas Royal

Kirill Shevchenko

Maxime Lagarde

MrDodgy’s Black friday picks

If MrDodgy picks it, you must want it.

The Black Lion by Simon Williams



Lifetime Repertoires: Jan Gustafsson’s 1. e4 e5



The Fearsome Budapest Gambit



Lifetime Repertoires: Peter Svidler’s Grünfeld − Part 1



The Results

For the pool phase ➡️

The Results

For the finals ⬇️

The Rules

The rules as set by the Tournament Dictator

Time control

12 games of 5+0, armageddon if tied 6-6

The format

The first stage will be two 16-player Round Robins (1 on the 25th of November and the 2nd on the 26th of November).

The top 8 players from each section will advance to the Knockout stage.

Knockout matches will be best of 12 games, with Armageddon to follow if the score reaches 6-6.

Prize Fund

$ 15,000

a picture of Dodgy on a horse

a trip to Sitges

The organizer

The organizer (Tournament Dictator) is MrDodgy. From his ice-fortress in Northern Sweden, he controls vast swathes of the chess industry. Known to some as the greatest chess organizer in history, MrDodgy increasingly demonstrates the dangers of giving a guy on Twitter too much power. This is his 3rd super-tournament and he’s just as confused as you as to why it’s even happening.

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