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Via the Chessable Research Awards, Chessable Ltd. gives money to competitively selected chess research projects from university-based researchers. The Chessable Research Awards can inspire new chess research or aid on-going chess research.

The Chessable Research Awards are open to:

  • Undergraduates ($500 for each undergraduate; $500 to each faculty research sponsor) and,
  • Graduate students ($1,000 for each graduate student; $500 for each faculty research sponsor).

All amounts are in U.S. dollars.

There are three cycles per year: Spring, Summer, and Fall. 

Each award-winning student will be required to submit a blog entry which will be edited by Chessable and later published on Chessable’s blog ( to get their monetary award. The blog entry will detail what’s been accomplished in their chess research project since their award was announced. If the winner does not submit the blog entry to the Chessable Chief Science Officer (CSO) by the announced deadline for that research cycle, then there is no payment to that undergraduate or graduate student.

Faculty research sponsors will receive their award money soon after their student(s) are chosen for awards. Sponsors can advise more than one student (thus getting more money) but each student can win only one award.

Sponsors should include the link on their faculty webpage for their university. For example, “Faculty Research Sponsor for Chessable Research Award <>” could go under a “Grants Received” or similar category on a faculty webpage.

Applications for awards will be judged blind so as not to know the name of the applicant associated with the project. Award winners will be announced publicly.

Completed chess research projects are not eligible for awards.

Chessable encourages faculty research sponsors to write peer-reviewed articles which incorporate the research done by their undergraduate and graduate students.

If you have questions about the Chessable Research Awards, please reach out to our CSO Dr. Alexey Root at <[email protected]>

The Chessable science team

Karel van Delft

Science Project Manager

Alexey Root

Chief Science Officer

Timeline for Awards

Spring Cycle

Open applications

Applications completed

Announce award winners for Spring

Blog postings from award-winning students due

Summer Cycle

Open applications

Applications completed

Announce award winners for Summer

Blog postings from award-winning students due

Fall Cycle

Open applications

Applications completed

Announce award winners for Fall

Blog postings from award-winning students due


You can apply as an undergraduate or graduate student or a faculty research sponsor. Complete one student application and one faculty research sponsor application for each applying student. Each student can apply one time per cycle (Spring, Summer, Fall)