Sicilian Defense Courses

The Sicilian is Black’s most popular defense against 1.e4 because it leads to unbalanced positions where both players can play for the win.

So, unsurprisingly, Chessable has many courses on the Sicilian – for both Black and White.

Here is just a selection…


Sicilian defense courses

Black and white

Butcher The Sicilian

Miodrag Perunović

IM Miodrag Perunovic is here with an aggressive anti-Sicilian repertoire based on 2.Nc3

Lifetime Repertoires: Wesley So’s 1. e4 (Part 2)

Wesley So

Super GM Wesley So covers the Sicilian, French and Caro Kann in this 2nd part of his 1.e4 lifetime repertoire. Against the Sicilian, Wesley

The Complete Open Sicilian for White – Vol. 1

NM mn79

The Open Sicilian is the most principled response to 1…c5. This course shows you how to play 3.d4 without getting drowned in a sea

The Anti-Sicilian Toolkit

Alexandru-Bogdan Banzea

IM Alex Banzea gives you a creative approach to facing the Sicilian based on playing 2.Nf3, but avoiding the open Sicilian.

Lifetime Repertoires: Taimanov Sicilian

GM Pentala Harikrishna

Top Indian Grandmaster Pentala Harikrishna presents a full repertoire based on the flexible Taimanov.

Fight Like Magnus: The Sicilian

Christof Sielecki

IM Christof Sielecki has created this repertoire based on how World Champion Magnus Carlsen plays the Sicilian. The cornerstone of this repertoire is the

Lifetime Repertoires: Najdorf Sicilian

GM Anish Giri

Super-GM Anish Giri gives you a complete repertoire against 1.e4 based on the ever-popular Najdorf Variation.

Lifetime Repertoires: Classical Sicilian

GM Sam Shankland

Former US Champion, GM Sam Shankland covers everything you need to play his favorite defense: The Classical Sicilian


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