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The Checkmate Patterns Manual

🏆 Third place for Course of the Year 2020! 🥉🏆

NEW for 2020: “The best course on Chessable” just got even better!

CraftyRaf’s smash-hit Checkmate Patterns – Chessable’s flagship checkmates course – has been expanded and undergone a complete revamp.

Not only does it now come with:

➕ an optional 10 hours of video instruction from IM John Bartholomew;
➕ everything you need to know about all the motifs explained;
➕ 130 MORE puzzles taking the total to 1,000.

But the puzzles have also been rearranged better: 100 of the most difficult based on user fail stats have been moved to the Final Test chapter.

If that’s not enough, The Checkmate Patterns Manual also now starts with a Basic Test chapter designed to figure out what you already know so you can start on what you don’t.

A complete checkmate patterns compendium

Anastasia, Greco, Hook, Arabian, Vukovic, Smothered, Suffocation, Corner, Morphy, Pillsbury, Lolli, Opera, Damiano, Max Lange, Dovetail, Swallow’s Tail, David & Goliath, Boden, Balestra and the list goes on and on and on.

These are all motifs you must know if you want to score those quick and decisive wins.

You will find all these essential mating patterns explained in full in this course. Test yourself on every one. Review them. Master them. Because these are the killer combos that will win you games!

What does the video add?

CraftyRaf was originally inspired to create this encyclopedia of endings after seeing IM John Bartholomew’s 25 Basic Checkmates free Chessable trainer. CraftyRaf wanted to build a complete and comprehensive upgrade and his course became a runaway best-seller. Its reviews have been incredible.

Now IM Bartholomew has added his weight to the manual to make it the ultimate compendium of winning motifs and useful for all levels. IM Bartholomew gives a detailed explanation of each individual pattern and – crucially – how you arrive at it.

The Chessable co-founder provides context looking into the history of each pattern AND runs through hundreds of game examples to help you see how these checkmate patterns arise in actual games and shares the stories to help you embed them in your long-term memory.

As you can see this course is intended as a one-stop-shop for checkmate patterns – everything you need under one hood.

Beta-testers and Chessable staff were initially blown away by how complete and detailed this course is – and now we’ve worked hard to make it even better. The time and care CraftyRaf has put into this is clear to see and that is why it gets the Geert gold medal.

Course stats

For: both pieces
Recommended for: Casual players Intermediate players Advanced players
Language: 🇬🇧 English
Instruction: 20,684 words
Paid video: 9 hours and 55 minutes
Free video: 1 hour and 16 minutes
Trainable variations: 913
Informational variations: 87
Avg. line depth: 30.00
Released on: Jul 24, 2019
Support level: High
Section: 🎓 Titled player
The Checkmate Patterns Manual
has 4.8 out of 5 stars, based on 573 user ratings.

Variation Details

2 x 1. Introduction (1.00 avg depth)
4 x 2. Indices (1.00 avg depth)
35 x 3. Basic Test (28.57 avg depth)
10 x 4. Anastasia’s mate (24.70 avg depth)
20 x 5. Greco’s mate (22.00 avg depth)
10 x 6. Arabian mate (32.70 avg depth)
10 x 7. Hook mate (34.20 avg depth)
10 x 8. Vuković’s mate (46.00 avg depth)
10 x 9. Smothered mate (17.20 avg depth)
16 x 10. Suffocation mate (19.38 avg depth)
5 x 11. Corner mate (25.60 avg depth)
8 x 12. Morphy’s mate (29.63 avg depth)
8 x 13. Pillsbury’s mate (19.25 avg depth)
16 x 14. Opera mate / Mayet’s mate (16.81 avg depth)
10 x 15. Lolli’s mate (26.50 avg depth)
10 x 16. Damiano’s mate (25.60 avg depth)
8 x 17. Max Lange’s mate (26.50 avg depth)
24 x 18. Damiano’s bishop mate (27.38 avg depth)
17 x 19. Dovetail mate / Cozio’s mate (29.53 avg depth)
12 x 20. Swallow’s tail mate / Guéridon mate (34.75 avg depth)
24 x 21. David & Goliath mate / Pawn mate (25.63 avg depth)
10 x 22. Boden’s mate (16.10 avg depth)
8 x 23. Balestra mate (44.00 avg depth)
10 x 24. Double knights mate (22.60 avg depth)
12 x 25. Double bishops mate (23.00 avg depth)
7 x 26. Blackburne’s mate (16.43 avg depth)
5 x 27. Blind swine mate (rooks on the 7th rank) (28.60 avg depth)
8 x 28. Epaulette mate (29.88 avg depth)
18 x 29. Back rank mate (25.67 avg depth)
20 x 30. Lawnmower mate (30.70 avg depth)
10 x 31. Triangle mate (31.50 avg depth)
10 x 32. Kill box mate (33.40 avg depth)
20 x 33. Mate in the opening (6.15 avg depth)
211 x 34. Puzzles: Warm-up (30.17 avg depth)
282 x 35. Puzzles: Exercises (35.01 avg depth)
100 x 36. Final Test (33.84 avg depth)

Badges Available

Claimed from this course. Thousand Strong
Claimed from this course. Pattern Recognition
Claimed from this course. The Matrix
[-] [+] skkeyan 1 year ago *
Rating : 5/5 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 – BEST course on Checkmates you will find on Chessable! 💪😊👍😍😁😉

I was a beta tester who had the pleasure to go through many parts of this course. I got intrigued by the simplicity and the completeness of the course that I went on to study more than 70% (72% to be exact) of the course!😉😋

This course is a real GEM on Checkmates!😍

Just look at the Variation Details sidebar and quiz yourself with the Checkmates you know of? I, an FM, didn’t know around 10 of them! (I learned 10 new checkmates!😍😁💪🙌👍)

My favourite Checkmate is the ‘David & Goliath Checkmate’! It is like a pawn checkmate – pawn (underdog) checkmates the King (King!!) 😍

The course has an ‘Indice’ in which all the Mating Patterns/Puzzles have been neatly linked! Even the players’ names mentioned in the course (from A-Z) have been linked to the corresponding puzzle! 😍😎👌

There is also a timeline which says ‘Till what year was the player active?’ – For example ; if it is Blackburne’s Mate, the course says the following :

1841-1924 : Joseph Henry Blackburne – Blackburne’s mate

This is done for all the players who contributed to the naming of that specific mate! 😍👏

All right, let’s get down to CHECKMATES!

Before the beginning of puzzles in each chapter, there is an Informational which talks about the Mating Pattern and the corresponding position shows the Mate! This is done for all Mates/Chapters! Most of the times when there are different versions of the same mate, Raf clearly talks about this nuance in a different informational in the respective chapter hence the naming of the informational lines in the most of the chapters as, for example, Boden’s Mate 1, Boden’s Mate 2, etc. and the corresponding trainables present this type of mate mentioned.😊👌👏🙌

Above all of this, the course comes with 2 new badges!! 😍😍

All this for only 10$, available only on Chessable! 😊😃

After Raf finished creating all the puzzles, he could’ve just pushed that Publish button but he wanted the course to be top-top-notch so he went on to create ‘Indices!’ and stuff and he even proof-read the course multiple times👏. This shows his dedication as an author and how much respect he has for his students! Great job Raf!! 😃💪👍😍😊👏👏👌

Add this book to your Chessable Library and let us all Checkmate (our opponents) together with Raf!💪
[-] [+] Geert Staff 1 year ago *
This is the most complete and instructive course on checkmate patterns I’ve ever studied. It is clearly a work of love and dedication. I’m super happy to have this on Chessable and will continue to study this course until I dream of these patterns in my sleep. Superlychee and Skkeyan’s reviews say it all. Just wanted to add my congratulations to you, Raf. The nearly 400 hours of hard work you put in to create this masterpiece paid off. Geert / Publishing Manager
[-] [+] lootikfc 9 month ago
Surprised how much I did not know
I am something around 2000 Fide player who has not played a competitive game in over 4 years and picked up chess again during the lockdown.I love this course. I was reluctant to buy it, as I felt like checkmate patterns are not something I would be struggling with. However, I decided to give it a shot, expecting it to return it after I try it and see how good at checkmates I am. Little did I know…

After scoring full marks from the basic test, everything was going according to my plans. Then I started looking at the theory behind all those checkmates and I found quite a few exercises I got wrong (some of them multiple times), even though I knew what kind of pattern I should be looking for.

Therefore, I can say I will definitely be keeping this course. And I would advise everyone bellow 2k to give it a shot. You might as well return it within 30 days. But I find it more likely that you will learn a thing or two about your checkmating abilities that you might not be too happy to admit 🙂

PROS: – a lot of material covered – exercises for all levels – my new favorite chess “fast-food” – using chessable format well

CONS: -not really a course problem, but a bit of a chessable “problem” (which I don’t think can be fixed easily). When cycling through the theoretical exercises while reviewing, you get all the same patterns grouped together, making it a bit less challenging. Would be nice to be able to randomize the order.
[-] [+] Josimar73 PRO 1 year ago
I’m 1700 OTB (1900 online) and know that I lack some basic knowledge as I’ve started play tournament chess with age 20. One weakness is mating patterns leading where I even (successfully) based my opening repertoire as a workaround on it (W: English/Reti, B: KID/Pirc). However, knowing about this weakness causes some pain now and then and I look in to mating literature and give up quite fast. But man, this one chessable course is really addictive. I purchased it just yesterday and didn’t stop until I had the basic chapters done. I really wanted to know what comes next despite the review counter increased quite fast for other courses. In terms of content everything has been said in other reviews but I just wanted to thank CraftyRaf for this course. This is just perfect for me! Btw: 5/5 stars from me 🙂
[-] [+] Bechster PRO 1 year ago *
Wow! After finishing this course, I might easily say, «Time well spent!» I can undoubtedly see myself winning more blitz games by recognizing mating motifs faster. Perhaps a successor to this could be «Defending against mating motifs» ? Just the same kind of idea, but from the defending point of view, how to successfully defend against different mating motifs, once they appear. How to minimize losses or avoid being mated.
[-] [+] pawnable1 Mod 11 month ago *
5-Star Plus Amazing course. 5 stars and now with the video added, 5 stars plus! This is a relatively brief review since there are already so many 5 star reviews and I pretty much agree with everything that has been said. I wanted to add a review after watching the recently added video by IM John Bartholomew. Speaking as a fellow user here. I had previously purchased “The Checkmate Patterns Manual” course and now have added the video upgrade. I loved the original course by CraftyRaf, but with the added video by JB, it is even more amazing. I feel the video upgrade is well worth the added cost. IM John Bartholomew really adds worthwhile value to the course, explaining defenses that could be used in certain positions and subtle differences in positions where the checkmate pattern works in one case, but not another. For me, seeing and hearing the explanation makes it stick in my head better much better than just reading the text or solving the quizzes alone. Plus, John adds in a lot of the history behind the original source games for these patterns which is not only fun to know, but helps with remembering the pattern. Overall, excellent quality video, very enjoyable to watch, and adding value to the already outstanding course. 5 stars plus!!!
[-] [+] IndrekR PRO 1 year ago *
Instant classic! I especially love that after solving a position one can review the whole game to see how the mate was set up. Some really interesting training occurs there since even if most of the examples are easy to solve, a few moves easier it isn’t all that obvious that the mate is coming. I’ll leave a longer review once I’m done with more of the course, but for now, here’s 50 rubies to it 😉
[-] [+] NM logozar PRO 1 year ago *
Wow! I’ve speed run most of this course and I’m really impressed. The puzzles are really well organized, the patterns are named, the relevant sub-variations are also included. I also don’t remember having any valid complaints about soft-fail alternatives. This is a course worth doing multiple times, and despite most of the puzzles being easy for me, I plan to drill this course – getting the basic archetypes down cold sets a fantastic foundation for acquiring more complicated tactical patterns. Highly recommended!
[-] [+] GerryJ 1 year ago *
This is an excellent course. I’m rated c.1600 ELO and managing to solve all the puzzles so far (some time ago, I studied Renaud and Kahn’s ‘The Art of Checkmate’). But, most do need to be thought through and, in the process, I can feel the pattern of these mates being impressed firmly in my mind. For example, in the chapter on the Arabian mate: I knew this mate, but as a result of the ten exercises (a) I’ve more thoroughly internalised the position of the knight with regard to the king and (b) I’ve recognised more clearly that the ‘wall’ that is the edge of the board in the more simple patterns can be constructed in other ways, so that Arabian mate can be delivered away from the corner of the board. Thanks, CraftyRaf, for your work on this; at £9.90 – including tax – in the UK this was excellent value
[-] [+] ElroyJ 1 year ago
Just WOW! Guys, this is the best book I’ve bought on this platform. I’m only halfway through and I’ve learned such a lot. I see the patterns in my games all of a sudden. If not, I try to create them.My online rating is currently 1450. This is an ideal book for beginners. I also bought a tactics book and this book makes it easier for me spot mating combinations and creating mating webs. I got it for $14.99, a 25% discount. Best money I’ve spent on this site.