US Chess Champions Courses

Winning Chess Tactics

GM Yasser Seirawan

GM Yasser Seirawan and IM Jeremy Silman show how you can become that hawk-eyed player, who can see Winning Chess Tactics from a mile away.

GM Wesley So

If you’d love to unlock the secrets to winning with 1.e4 no matter the competition, then GM Wesley So is the man to turn to.

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Lifetime Repertoires: Sam Shankland's 1. d4 - Part 1: Sidelines

GM Sam Shankland

A repertoire built to last a lifetime, from a bonafide expert in the opening.

Winning Chess Strategies

GM Yasser Seirawan

Winning Chess Strategies have been designed to teach you how to “read” the board to start playing chess on a deeper level.

Lifetime Repertoires: Wesley So's 1. e4 - Part 2

GM Wesley So

If you’d love to play 1.e4 like a world-beater, and rack up more wins against 1…c5, 1…c6, and 1…e6, then GM Wesley So’s latest course is for you.

Lifetime Repertoires: Classical Sicilian

GM Sam Shankland

If you’d love to fearlessly play and WIN against 1.e4…without having to put life on hold so you can study pages of opening theory, then we invite you to join GM Sam Shankland.

Lifetime Repertoires: Semi-Slav

GM Sam Shankland

A complete opening course that will stand the test of time. It will never go out of fashion because it is always in fashion.

Practical Endgames Vol 1

GM Yermolinsky

In Yermolinsky’s Practical Endgames, you’ll analyze common yet challenging endgame positions in depth, learning methods to prevail in the multitude of possible variations each position holds.
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How does MoveTrainer™ work?

How Chessable produces a rewarding learning experience

Chessable’s MoveTrainer® combines the elements of choice, science, efficiency and fun to put you firmly in control of your chess journey. We have courses on every phase of the game of chess. Our authors and presenters include the world’s finest players – and new courses are being added to our extensive catalogue on a weekly basis.

Choose between a wide variety of courses

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Choose from openings, endgames, strategy and tactics courses to learn with MoveTrainer®.

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The moves to learn are shown on the board along with helpful text. A quiz follows.

Take advantage of the spaced repetition system

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Spaced repetition schedules your reviews at optimal, ever-increasing times.

Neuroscience based technology


Science can help us understand how chess learning happens. Instead of learning on your own, you have powerful allies: educators, psychologists and neuroscientists. We use the science they produce to make learning chess easier, fun and efficient! Chessable is at the forefront of chess education.