Nate Solon

My selected courses

The courses made by Super GMs get the most attention, but Chessable has a deep library of courses by various authors. My friend Jake made this course on an offbeat line of the Sicilian. It’s light on variations and heavy on explanations of the key ideas. I’ve had great results with it in blitz. If you’re using GM King’s Kalashnikov course, this would be a great curveball to add to your repertoire.

I’ve been watching Danny King’s game recaps for years. He has the perfect balance of deep insight presented in a clear, simple way. He’s translated those presentation skills to this course in the form of clear explanations of Black’s main gameplans and extensive model games to demonstrate them.

As a data scientist I love to look at the stats of various openings. You can find some hidden gems, openings that are insanely effective below the GM level. Kamil Plichta has been incorporating game stats more and more into his recommendations. This course is absolute nonsense in the best possible way. It’s based on a line that looks like a beginner mistake, but is incredibly hard to deal with in practice. It’s a poker player’s mentality and I like it!

I love Christof Sielecki’s courses because he has a knack for doing top-level research and condensing the results into something that’s easy to understand. I don’t like my opponents to be able to research my tendencies online, so for my latest over-the-board tournament I tried a radical strategy, swapping out my entire Black repertoire. A few months before the tournament I created new, anonymous online accounts and started practicing this repertoire exclusively. The plan worked: I didn’t have any problems in the opening in my Black games.

This is a really deep original treatment of the Catalan. I had been working on this course for a while when I faced the ultimate test: I was paired against the course author, Srinath Narayanan, in a blitz game! Not having anything else prepared, I stuck to my guns and used Srinath’s own lines against him. It worked and I won a model game!

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